Complete to win a piece of chocolate!

  1. Create an animal sprite for your project, let’s call it Character 1, this is your main character
  2. Code it so that you can control using your keyboard, this means:
    1. it should move left when you click on the left arrow key,
    2. right when you click on right arrow key,
    3. up when you click on up,
    4. down when you click on down
  3. Make sure your character is pointing in the direction you are heading in

BONUS: (complete this to win a Pokemon character)

  1. Create another character, let’s call it Character 2 and code it so that it moves randomly around on its own
  2. Make sure that Character 2 is bouncing when on edge so that it does not go off the screen
  3. Make a variable called Score
  4. When Character 1 touches Character 2, 2 things should happen:
    1. Character 2 disappears for a second and then displays itself at the top-left corner
    2. Score increases by 1